Full WTF with Marc Maron

Here’s the full episode of my talk with the great Marc Maron. We talk about all sorts of things: sex, self-involvement, circumcision, college, love. Do it up!

WARNING: Those readers offended by vulgarities, explicit sexuality, and stubborn, roiling, ugly resentments against family, culture, and the universe should proceed with caution. 


3 Responses to Full WTF with Marc Maron

  1. Ana Julia says:

    So… I was freaking up around google, trying to understand wtf is this thing that my therapist said that I have, and after few weeks – I think it was 2 – I started to get crazier, because now, besides everything I’m worried about since the day I can remember, I also have a psiquiatric disorder. And, I spent my whole weekend thinking that I might be “sick” for the rest of my life, that will keeps me unproductive and I would not finish writing my college works, that i would not be able to study hard for the finals, that I would screw my whole life and It was very impossible to stop this thoughts – even when I realized how stupid they are.
    Then, suddenly appears your blog. And I could see how funny my stupidity could be, that you (and others – from the videos!) are older than me, you are married, you have a kid and, well, you don’t look like someone who have a ruined life. And… I finally got better!
    I wrote all this bla bla bla just to say that I’m grateful.
    Thank you!
    – Now I can start believing that there really is a light in the end of the tunnel.

    PS: I hope you can understand my english, I think It’s ok, but It might suck and be impossible to understand. Happily, the “thank you” is completely understandable, and It’s also the main part.

  2. Henry says:

    I enjoyed your hilarious interview with Marc, and was especially interested in the section about how anxiety ruined your original relationship with your eventual wife. I was on the other end of that arrangement for 10 years, dealing with a wife who suffered from anxiety that I thought was caused by her self-loathing and selfishness. So I wonder … when you said you thought the process worked the other way — your anxiety caused self-loathing and selfishness — was that an insight you had solely about yourself, or is that the general understanding among psychologists?

    The interview got me to order the book, and I look forward to reading it. It sounded on WTF like you had achieved some insight into what you put your girlfriend/wife through, so I’d like to suggest that you or your wife consider writing a companion book about people like her and like me who suffer from being in love with someone who is incapable of loving us in return because of anxiety and self-absorption. Not sure how to make it funny, but that’s why you get the big bucks.

  3. crise angoisse says:

    Ravi de constater combien vous êtes beaucoup plus développé chez vous pour la prise en charge de l’anxiété et de la . Je reviendrais vous lire avec plaisir.

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