WTF w/ Marc Maron Preview

This Thursday I’m going to be on WTF with Marc Maron. Here’s a preview.

One Response to WTF w/ Marc Maron Preview

  1. DavidjM says:

    Well that was cathartic. I plan to send this podcast to all the people in my life I wish I could talk to and tell them ‘THIS! This is what my brain is doing all the god damned time. This is why I hate you sometimes and hate everyone else all the time and why I have sabotaged my entire life.’
    I was listening with mounting excitement, thinking to myself ‘this is me. but this guy has it together now, so he’s going to get to the bit where he fixed himself’, but that point never came. Because, as I have been aware all along, it’s up to me to do the work. Forever. Which fucking sucks. But that’s stiff shit.
    I’m going to get that book.

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