Welcome, all those who come via my NYT op-ed on Jews and anxiety.

If you’ve got a moment, check out this site’s Tales from the Amygdala project. We’d love to have your stories about anxiety. Take a deep breath, make a video, send it in. Tell the world.

And Happy Memorial Day! Or is it Crappy Memorial Day? “Happy” seems somehow … wrong.

4 Responses to Shalom!

  1. avi greenberg says:

    I did, indeed, reach your blog via the NYT piece, which I found insightful and, actually, a relief — there are literate people out there who are as anxious as I am. Thank you for your work here; I look forward to exploring your posts.

  2. Martin Green says:

    Read article on Jews & anxiety w/interest. Recently wrote short story called “The Bad Feeling” in which I say about protagonist: “He put this down to having grown up in New York w/a Jewish mother. His approach to life, he knew, had always been cautious. When he was growing up, his mother was always telling him to put on his hat & coat in the winter, to wear his rubbers if it was raining, not to play too hard during the hot summer.” (Story is in current issue of Also, my grandfather had a long Polish name when he arrived at Ellis Is & so we were given the name “Green.”

  3. jean cole says:

    Saw your article in nytimes and loved it. Would like to blog.

  4. Steph D. says:

    Also reached your blog via the NYT article. I really admire that you found a way to write about it, and made a career in spite of it all.

    “…a book-length explanation of this pic.” That had me laughing, a lot. Hit close to home, as a writer and a person. My brow has those same 2 furrow lines (canals, really).

    And hope you feel better. Hah. I mean, of course, it never goes away. But, truly, best wishes.

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