Tales from the Amygdala: Eddie Pepitone

I’m delighted to have received a new “Tales from the Amygdala” video from the brilliant, profane, enlightened, rage-twisted, soulful, frighteningly hilarious comedian Eddie Pepitone. Eddie is simply one of my all-time favorites comics — a great master of the rant and one of the most raw, honest performers I’ve ever seen. His own website refers to him as “a modern day cross between Jackie Gleason, Don Rickles, and Eckart Tolle,” which is pretty damned accurate.

Eddie is the subject of a new documentary, directed by Steven Feinartz (who also shot this video), called “The Bitter Buddha.” Late last year he released his first album, “A Great Stillness.” Get it. It’s fantastic.

Submit your own videos to “Tales from the Amygdala.”  We’d love to have them. Full description of the project — and a great video by Jason Good — here. Video archive housed here. Email: [email protected].

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  1. sharon westbrook says:

    Daniel, have you ever had your thyroid checked? In the 50’s mental hospitals were literally emptied of their patients when the thyroid gland was discovered and it’s ability to create anxiety, depression, etc. when not functioning properly. Particularly look up ‘Graves Disease’ and the symptoms – many of which you seem to have. Symptoms are sweating, sensitivity to heat, heart palpitations, hair loss, weight loss, anxiety, depression, bulging eyes, hand tremors and others. This illness is life threatening. My brother-in-law had a tumor on his thyroid gland which caused this, however he never went for treatment and died. I just thought you might want to at least have this checked by a doctor if you have not done this yet. Best of luck.

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