Tales from the Amygdala: Depraved Pornography Edition

The thing about soliciting anxiety videos from comedians is that comedians, as everyone knows, are disturbed, depraved souls. They get into the business not just because they have a talent for being funny, but because they have a desperate hunger for approval. At the same time, however, they have a desperate hunger to reject approval — to say the most honest, embarrassing things about themselves in front of the widest possible audience. For these displays of insane courage they should be worshipped as heroes, have parades thrown in their name, and have their images cast in bronze.

But you should still keep them far, far away from your daughters.

And with that I give you Matt Ritter. Matt is a member of Comedians-at-Law, a troupe of former lawyers turned comedians; the creator, producer, and star of the hit web series The Bottom Rung, and a man with many humiliating worries. Enjoy them and give meaning to his anxiety.

Submit your own videos to “Tales from the Amygdala.”  We’d love to have them. Full description of the project — and a great video by Jason Good — here. Video by Ann Carr here. Video by Benari Poulten here. 

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